Friday, June 02, 2006

Rubbed rotisserie chicken . . .

This is really really good!

Make a rub consisting of 1 package Schillings mesquite marinade mix (don't prepare the marinade, just use the dry seasonings), and approximately one and a half to two teaspoons each chili powder, oregano, creole seasonings, and cumin; add about a half teaspoon of salt. Mix it up with a small fork.

Take one whole chicken (organic), rinse and pat dry, stuffing it with the giblets. Take a small handfull of the mix and sprinkle it in the cavity; then rub the whole thing with the seasoning rub.

You will need a rotisserie for this - spit the chicken and rotate it for about an hour and a half to two hours, cool slightly then serve.

MMMMMMMMMMAH! Pollo Fiesta, eat your heart out! I don't need your Peruvian chicken any more!



Anonymous Gus said...

HE -

I have found in my experiments and readings that I can substitute my oven for a rotisserie by roasting, covered loosely by foil, at a very low temperature (200-250) until the internal temp. of the beast is at med.rare (135). Then, remove the beast and crank that oven as high as it'll go! When it's there, put the beast back in, uncovered, for about 10 minutes and the outside layer will get that nice "seared" action that your mouth craves. I can't take credit though. Homage must be paid to Alton Brown, Food TV - "Good Eats." He knows everything.

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