Monday, April 03, 2006


H.E.'s great good friend Miss Drusilla, also know as Drewies, the Drewster and Drewster-Doos (Drewster-Drewster-DREWSTER-DOOS!), has passed away. Of sweet disposition and a great companion who greeted him each morning, she was a frequent friend during his morning coffee/newspaper/Greek time, and of excellent temperament, provided you came through on the morning head rub. I will be blogging pictures of Drusilla and her great good friend Miss Artemis (Dec. 26, 1989-July 23rd 2004), and her arch nemesis, Miss Ashley Boots (1984[!]-Aug. 2005 ["Oooooh I HATE da Siamese!"]) soon.

The bestest, fatestest Tabby in the world, giver of love bites, snarfler of kibble, striped simba-doos of the mighty lard-butt, caller of pride meetings, she accepted us into her life when, given cream as a kitten, she incanted "mew-mew-mew", which we took as a token of pleasure at being welcomed into the home of Sybarites.

Vale! Et tu.



Blogger Glauk├┤pis said...

I'm sorry! That must be utterly depressing... She sounds adorable!

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