Sunday, June 04, 2006

Definitely be sure to see . . .

An Inconvenient Truth. It is playing at Bethesda Row Landmark on Woodmont Ave., and also at the E Street Cinema and in Georgetown as well. Playing only in 77 theaters nationwide, it still placed 9th this week for box office receipts.

It is an alarming and compelling film, with some pretty hard-boiled scientific evidence that not only is global warming a fact, but that it is caused by human behavior, especially all of us westerners - in particular Americans - dumping CO2 into the air. Its consequences will be catastrophic. We are not talking simply no polar bears in Alaska; we are talking no Dutch in Holland; no Italians in Italy; no Germans in Germany.

As the film notes, this is not a political but a moral issue, and, even more than that, an issue of our own survival. And it concerns more than simply rising sea levels and dwindling snows on glacial pack folks - this is the big one. Visualize Europe under ice, a global demographic disaster and refugee crisis, and, well, and end of the world as we know it.

Alarmist? Maybe - but we've already seen once what happened when W. and the creatures that support him decided to take a stick and poke it into the hornets nest that is the Middle East. Do you want to see him try that with Mother Nature? Well, we're letting him. We can do much to alleviate this problem, and we are doing nothing, nihil, ziltch, ouden, nada.

Remember the "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature" ads in the 1970s? (Many of you will not - a woman dressed as Mother Nature was given margarine, thought it was butter ["why of course, it's my soft creamy butter!"], and boy at the end of the ad [when she discovered that it was margarine] was she PISSSSSED! - she stretched out her hands, invoked thunder and lightening, the little woodland creatures ran for the hills and a racoon put his little paws over his eyes.) Well W. and every one, including some of you who drive vehicles that are far from fuel efficient, are poking a stick in the hornets nest. Uncool to the max.

Someone alert Bush - Apocolypse Now is a movie, not a policy.



Blogger Glauk├┤pis said...

I still don't understand the artery post!

Anyway, I suppose I should thank you for inspiring me to make my own political post. So thanks!

And I hope you're enjoying the summer.

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