Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stick a fork in me I'm finished . . .

I'm done blogging. Got no more to say and it really doesn't matter.

The world will go on.

Final advice to young people:

Unplug, tune in, and get in touch. Live a life of menaing. Get off your cell phones, your internet, your ipods, your television, your email, your text messaging, and your video games - permanently.

Plant a tree, grow a garden, listen to the waves, the wind, and the birds; read a book, listen to a symphony, look at a painting, talk to a friend and not a stranger online, bake a chocolate cake.

Stop anesthetizing yourselves with a million clicks a day and the flash of ten thousand web sites and live a life that's meaningful.

The world won't change because of the web - it will only grow more moribund and distracted.

I'm done with all this tech crap - it's ugly and depressing. Don't look for anything further here: la comedia e finita!

Alright, hey thanks, you've been a great audience. I'm outta here - thank you and good night!


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