Wednesday, November 09, 2005

For your viewing pleasure . . .

More movie recommendations:

The Vikings with Kirk Douglas (strictly a popcorn and soda affair, with Ernie Borgnine as Ragnar the viking chief and Tony Curtis as the long lost king turned slave!)

The Hair-dresser's husband (strange, passionate, wonderful and sad).

La Passione di Beatrice (haunting).

The Vanishing (the Belgian version - perhaps the most claustrophobic horror film ever).

Judgement at Nuremburg (oh that scene in the beer hall with Marlene Dietrich and Spencer Tracey).

Downfall (a German version of Hitler's last days).

Mein Krief (a German documentary about those who served on the Eastern front).

Das Schreckliche Madchen (The Horrid Girl) - an excellent German film about a woman who reveals some nasty secrets about her villages role in the Holocaust.

Europa Europa (a Jewish boy goes in hiding from the Germans).

Tout les Matins du Monde (which reminds me: any CD of Saint Colombe or Marin Marais by Jordi Savall is FABULOUS).

Beckett AND the Lion in Winter (view in THAT order, be sure the later is the 1968 version with Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn.

King Rat (life in a Japenese prison camp - oh that scene in the cell with the mystery meat stew!)

A Thousand Clowns (Jason Robbards: "A psychiatrist once did an analysis of my sister and found her just slightly to the left of whoopee!")

On the Waterfront ("I coldabennacontendanstedaabum!").

Twelve Angry Men & The Grapes of Wrath (two of Henry Fonda's greatest films).

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ("Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, wa wa wa, umph thumpth").

The Searchers (John Wayne as a racist looking to kill).

Spartacus (skip the slave scenes and decide whether you want to eat oysters or snails - oh, and Tony Curtis in yet another slave boy role! And that scene between Peter Ustinov and Charles Laughton!)

The Cain Mutiny (hey, anything with Boggey!)

Baxter (be warned, real violent, real depressing, but excellent).

A Taxing Woman (H.E.'s favorite Japanese flick).

The Seventh Seal (good for your daily dose of existential angst).

The Virgin Spring (fantastic early Max von Sydow).

Sighs and Whispers (a woman dying of cancer faces the abyss: "the dog died - at least we had meat").

Jonny Stechino (an Italian comedy about a mafioso look-alike).

And a couple of t.v flicks ala the BBC if you can find them:

I, Claudius (great Roman soap!)

The Jewel in the Crown (probably THE best television drama of all time, it chronicles the last five years of British rule in India - with Timothy Pigot Smith as a fabulous villian).

Your reading recommendation for the day: Baghdad Diaries by Nuha al-Radi


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