Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stocking the basement . . . .

1. Hizbullah is a political party (some call it a terrorist organization, by which, if you mean its use of violence to achieve its ends, is certainly correct - but then again, political parties in this country also use violence to achieve their ends, particularly the republican party, for whom war is very good since it is also very good for their corporate donors. So meet me half-way and let's just say for the sake of argument that the current republican party and Hizbullah are both terrorist AND political organizations).

2. Either Hizbullah violated Israeli security first, or vice versa - contrary to the narrative in the American media, there is conflicting evidence as concerns just who started all this (since Israel reportedly abducted two medics from S. Lebanon several days prior to the abduction of the two Israeli soldiers).

3. By Israeli and Bush administration logic, however, as a result of this political party's action, a weak and budding democracy (i.e. Lebanon) that cannot control its entire country is to be made to suffer through a horrific humanitarian catastrophe with long term political and economic consequences.*

*By the way folks, collective punishment, of which the Israelis are guilty, is a war crime; so too, is Hizbullah's firing rockets indiscriminately at civilian targets - there are few good guys here, though some are distinctly more odious than others, and the people of Lebanon and Israel, are caught in the middle, though the Lebanese far, FAR away have the worst of it.

4. So . . . does that mean that if a renegade political party that does not reflect the will of a majority gains control of a country, or even a part of a country, that that country should be collectively punished if that political party decides to violate the sovereignty of another country?

Hmmmmm - I just CANNOT for the life of me see where such logical fallicies might lead . . . .

Too bad president swagger's Pompeian attempt to stomp his foot and make legions appear with his epic, timeless "Stop this shit" failed to do the trick (maybe if we put it into Latin - finem huic merdae pone . . . . naaaah!).

Don't ask me where all this is leading kids . . . Iraq is Shiite, Iran is Shiite, and we are bombing their fellow Shiites (Israel with American made munitions folks) in Lebanon. Something is going to give - be very very worried. These days it rattles in my mind that Bin Laden said he got the idea of taking down U.S. skyscrapers when he saw our bombs, via Israeli proxies, taking down buildings in Beirut in 1982 during Lebanon's civil war and Israel's invasion. This is not invention, this is public knowledge.

Bush's policies have made this a far more dangerous world than before, and made the job for hard working professionals in our intelligence and diplomatic community extremely difficult. Extreme cynic that I've become I can't but think that it is intentional, since these policies, horrific as they are, could well serve to put an iron one party lock on the country that will be near impossible to break in the near term. When you get a single political party that feeds a massive military-industrial complex and that complex shovels money to it, it becomes a monopoly that is near impossible to break. It is a case of cupido dominandi cunctis affectatibus flagrantior est, and it was Eisenhower's nightmare (which has now been realized).

All of this is very very bad.

Now excuse me while I put some MREs, water and a few cases of whiskey in my basement.



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