Saturday, August 05, 2006

And a Wag of the Finger . . .

to - surprise, surprise - STEPHEN COLBERT!!!!

Yes, Stephen Colbert for his historically inept repartee last night with Paul Hacket. Paul Hacket said that you can't introduce democracy through the barrel of a gun, to which Colbert quipped, "except of course for the American Revolution."

I usually like Colbert, but this was just plain dumb. Democracy was not introduced through a violent movement in the American Revolution; no one sought to impose democracy on anyone.

Rather, the revolution sought to SEIZE democracy from a tyranny. Washington, Adams, Jefferson - they were not imposing democracy on ANYONE, they were TAKING it for themselves.

This is the myth of democracy, that it is or can be "imposed". Nothing could be further from the truth - from Germany to France to India, it is TAKEN from within, not imposed from without.

And don't bet that everyone wants democracy. Many people are TERRIFIED of empowerment, of deciding their own destinies. I grew up in a household where the women absolutely derided feminists. You know why? Because they were intimidated with the idea that a woman could be anything other than a wife and mother. The idea of taking control of thier own lives mortified them. Similarly, there are PLENTY of people who would be quite happy in this country to relinquish free government and have a Bush dynasty. You know how I know that? Because I've TALKED TO THEM!!!!

Do NOT assume everyone has a desire for democracy - would that they did !

O homines ad servitutem paratos!



Anonymous Gus. said...

Since I've noted a slight trend towards "philo-Hanson-istic techniques" in your postings of late, let me throw a quick reference your way based on my own summer reading.

Check out what Polybius says about the Roman efforts to impose democracy on Macedonia (Polyb. 31.2.12). The Macedonians began "quarreling" among themselves because they were "unaccustomed to democratic and parliamentary government."

Now, this is from the Paton translation. But, the Greek verb here is "stasiazw" which, to me, is quite a bit stronger than "quarreling." I'm thinking ancient cart-bombs and beheadings.

These folks just weren't cut out to enjoy the blessings of democracy. They needed a monarch to put stomp on some necks and keep their world in line. I wonder how this translates to current situation in Iraq? What if, and I'm only spitballing here, those folks had an autocratic tyrant in office?

Oh yeah, I forgot. They had one of those. He was a weapon a mass destruction. We deposed him. We liberated the masses yearning to be free. The world is a better place. Mission accomplished. Praise the Bush and pass the Kool-Aid.

6:51 AM  

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