Tuesday, August 01, 2006


6-8%: Those in the U.S. with a sufficiently developed moral sense who know that universal health care, living wages, education, equal rights, day care for all and a solid social safety net for those left behind to help them on their feet are things that are basic human rights and need to be gauranteed by the community as a whole and the Constitution.

40-50%: The Frightened: They have some sense of collective social responsibility but are easily manipulated through their fear and self-interest.

35-40%: The Lost: supporters of torture; people who put party and the cult of personality above the national interest; the intellectually lazy; those who dismiss the law; those who get their news from talk radio; the ones who have an opinion about Islam without ever having a., cracked the Quran or, b. have never actually visited a Muslim country; those who think the highest pursuit in life is the love of a lousy buck, who think that they can govern the country and the world in the same way that Lee J. Cobb in On the Waterfront ran the docks, shaking some poor schlepp down for his union dues all the while smacking him screaming "GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!".

Coming next: The Realm of the Gods.



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