Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oregon Wine Country . . . .


HE and his significant other spent four glorious days in the heart of Oregon wine country where his sister and brother-in-law are semi-retired. Last time HE was out that way 20 years ago, there was nothing - just forest and cow pasture. Now it's vineyards by the dozen, wineries, and micro-breweries. Rolling hills, beautiful scenery, and a climate as close to Paradise as you can get - it's a not-so-little piece of Umbria that extends from the Columbia River and continues all the way down to California (and continues from there down to Napa). The flowers were in full bloom, even in August. We ate sweet plums and made apple pie right off the trees.

Advice to young people: read Classics in your spare time and open a B&B somewhere in the coastal foothills of Oregon.



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