Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why do I post to the Nuremburg Principles?

Here's why (via the yahoo news wire) . . . .

"A chief prosecutor of Nazi war crimes at Nuremberg has said George W. Bush should be tried for war crimes along with Saddam Hussein. Benjamin Ferenccz, who secured convictions for 22 Nazi officers for their work in orchestrating the death squads that killed more than 1 million people, told OneWorld both Bush and Saddam should be tried for starting "aggressive" wars--Saddam for his 1990 attack on Kuwait and Bush for his 2003 invasion of Iraq."

Sorry VDH and all nutty ships at sea, Mssr. Ferenccz prosecuted at Nuremburg and knows whereof he speaks. Your opinions, set against the consensus of international law, carry little weight in comparison.



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