Sunday, September 03, 2006

Skinny people are BORING!!!!!!!

Hey, can't WAIT to be accused of racism, or weightism, or whatever!!!!! But I find it extremely irritating as a fat man (NOTE: I prefer to think of myself as "a person of weight" OR "the portly challenged" OR one of the "people of chub") that just because edgy close up shots of lean super models who look like thy have a diet of caffeine and amphetimines are published all over Vanity Fair that they somehow have it over me.


Let me tell you something about my cellulite, gut and love handles. They have history and are far more interesting than any damn super model.

The fat in my thighs? From pro secco on a balcony in Rome. Tubby tush? Deep fried seafood and ouzo on the beach at Mykonos. Mash potato arms? Apple fritters soaked in grappa I had on a farm in Tuscnay. Two inch spare tire? Tiramasu, affetati di caccia, Frascati, saltimbocca, coda in vino con pomodori, gnudi con pere in crema, fiori di zuccha, zuppa di pesce in Pompeii, plates of lamb in El Djem, dolmathes in Athens, stuffed rabbit in Civitella, and on and on and on.

You get the picture. Fat has history and a story to tell. Be fat. Be interesting.

"Antonius! Let me have about me men that are fat. Sleek headed men and such men as sleep o'er the nights. Yond Cassius hath a lean and hungry look." - The Bard.

'Nuf said.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know skinny people who have some stories to tell also...

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